A Career in Manufacturing

Jennifer Wenger, Senior Director Talent and Organizational Development

Oftentimes, when folks think about a career in manufacturing, their perception of what that looks like does not align with reality – especially at Kapco Metal Stamping. Kapco is home to more than 500 team members, many of whom are computer savvy who use our advanced technology and innovation to get jobs done that in decades past required entire teams to accomplish.

Our manufacturing floor looks clean and pristine compared to what you might think of when you think of a metal stamping and manufacturing facility. But it’s true. We pride ourselves on being a leader – as a manufacturing partner, as a leading employer, using leading technology and tools, and using leading in-house training to help #TeamKapco grow.

Two of the opportunities we offer individuals looking to move into a manufacturing career are our youth and adult apprenticeship programs. Kapco employee Jacob, who is now also enrolled in college courses, started in the program as a laser assistant, and eventually advanced to become a drill press operator and now runs a CNC machine, a critical role in Kapco’s overall manufacturing process.

Through the two-year youth program for example, apprentices like Jacob are required to log 900 working hours, but the experience has gone so well that he’s registered over 1,500 hours in the first 18 months.

“It’s been a great experience,” Jacob said. “I love coming to work every day. Kapco is a great company and I feel really respected here. It’s an amazing company to work for.”

With Kapco’s investment in new and innovative technology, manufacturing jobs today are perfectly suited for those comfortable working with computers, but who may not have any hands-on manufacturing experience.  These individuals, however, are willing to apply their natural talents and learn from our in-house trainers and experienced team members.

Additionally, our Kapco University professional development program helps all team members identify areas of growth, while working to achieve their personal and professional goals as part of #TeamKapco.

We hope your career journey brings you to Kapco, where we’re ready to work and grow together with you. To learn more about Kapco, our ReSkilling efforts, and about available careers visit www.Reskill.KapcoInc.com.

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