Addressing the Skills Gap with the Academy of Advanced Manufacturing

Mary Burgoon, Business Development Manager, Rockwell Automation

A successful manufacturing industry hinges on having a highly skilled workforce that supports the advanced technologies essential to modern manufacturing competitiveness to drive growth in both industry and the global economy. Manufacturing companies are facing a skills shortage, and struggling to find candidates to fill many critical technology roles.

Immediate Need for Skilled Workers
Most manufacturers believe that the #1 cause of skill shortage is the shifting skills needed due to introduction of advanced technology and automation. Employers state that they can’t wait for
long training programs to be completed. Training is often outdated and needs to reflect the new technology that will help them modernize their operations for productivity and efficiency.

Innovative Solution
To help address the workforces skills shortage, Rockwell Automation in collaboration with ManpowerGroup has developed and implemented the Academy of Advanced Manufacturing (“AAM”) focused on training military veterans and providing them with opportunities for high tech roles in advanced manufacturing/production at customer locations.

The Academy of Advanced Manufacturing (AAM)
This innovative technical retraining program – called the Academy of Advanced Manufacturing–rapidly upskills and redeploy U.S. veterans across high-demand, technology-based roles in as little as four months.

Military Veteran Recruiting, Screening, Assessment Process
ManpowerGroup’s recruiting team is working with Military bases, Reserves, the National Guard, the Department of Veteran Services, Apprenticeship programs, and Community colleges to
educate them on the program and identify candidates

Recruit from all branches: Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, National Guard and Reserves The program is selective to provide a low risk situation to our customers – potential employers of the graduates.

AAM Training – Investment for Success
The Academy of Advanced manufacturing training program is conducted at Rockwell Automation and combines instructor-led classroom learning with hands-on laboratory experience. It includes a combination of advanced technology training and soft skills that makes these candidates uniquely qualified for success. The 12-week training curriculum covers two major areas: technical and professional competencies.

The major topics covered in the technical sessions include industrial automation principles, controllers, networks, visualization, AC drives/motors, instrumentation, and machine safety. The major topics covered in the professional competencies area include accelerating team performance, communications, customers, influencing, navigating change, personnel management, managing conflict and presentation skills, and supporting the military to civilian life transition.

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