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Reskill and upskill your employees with TechEd Frontiers to satisfy a demand for cybersecurity experts from within your own workforce.

The Cybersecurity Analyst pathway will train your current talent to fill needed roles in cybersecurity throughout your company. This will also put you a step ahead in the competition for hiring skilled cybersecurity analysts. Job postings for workers with these skills will grow by nearly 30 percent over the next 10 years. The growth is far from limited to the tech sector, as 90 percent of IT skills and jobs are concentrated in 10 non-tech industries.

This cybersecurity pathway will give your employees the tools for high-demand occupational skills like information security, information systems and network security. These skills are in demand in a wide variety of industries, including finance and insurance, manufacturing, professional, technical and scientific services.

This entry-level learning path builds on your IT staff’s knowledge base by adding mission-critical cyber skills. The program is based on four main domains: threat management, vulnerability management, cyber incident response and security and architecture tool sets. This pathway will guide a learner through modules focused on these four domains, preparing learners for an industry certification exam.

The curriculum in every TechEd Frontiers pathway has been created and informed by UWM’s award-winning faculty and industry experts from some of Milwaukee’s largest companies. Experts involved in the Cybersecurity Analytics I pathway include Kendrick Gardner, UWM adjunct instructor and UWM senior information security analyst; and Sam Goerke, UWM adjunct instructor and Adversarial Security Testing Engineer for Northwestern Mutual.

UWM’s TechEd Frontiers Cybersecurity Analyst pathway is one of three pathways debuting in fall 2020. Employers can also reskill and upskill their workforce via a Data Science pathway and a Digital Manufacturing pathway.

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