The #MKETech Ecosystem Needs MKE Students

Laura A. Schmidt, Chief Talent Development Officer, MKE Tech Hub Coalition

Students, regardless of your current major, there is a place for you in the #MKETech ecosystem. 

Technology is rapidly transforming traditional, essential industries through the embedding of technology into products and processes. This trend of “every business as a tech business” has accelerated the need for tech talent in the region. The Milwaukee Tech Hub Coalition is comprised of member companies and non-profit organizations committed to doubling the tech talent in the greater MKE region by 2025.

The Higher Education Regional Alliance is committed to working with industry to ensure a strong talent pipeline that supports the region’s workforce development and economic development goals. There are over 190K college graduates annually within 90 min of Milwaukee. All campuses offer technology courses and programs.

However, not enough college students may understand how their stated area of interest for a career might interact with technology and/or be transformed by it. This leaves many under prepared for the future of work. Many find themselves needing to re/upskill themselves while attending, or following the completion of, college to secure employment. You are encouraged to seek out diverse opportunities to develop competencies that are uniquely human (empathy, communication, creativity, critical thinking, etc.) as our industries continue to embrace automation and augmented intelligence. Consider how your coursework and learning experiences are preparing you to work alongside of technical systems and/or support the development of innovative technical solutions to remain competitive in a digital economy. Talk to an advisor about how to fit additional electives into your schedule or seek out student groups that might expose you to new diverse perspectives and opportunities. Consult with a career advisor and/or mentor about how tech is being used by, or is being projected to transform, your desired occupation.

You may also want to check out The Commons in MKE for collegiate level programming focused on digital innovation and professional development. In addition, the Milwaukee Tech Hub Coalition features a ‘Reskilling Opportunities’ page to help those seeking opportunities to re/upskill into tech careers. This page includes online resources to supplement the courses already offered by your campus and entry level positions with staffing firms who will provide paid training to get you up and running quickly at major employers throughout MKE.

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