More Makers, Fewer Consumers: i.c.stars’ Tech-Forward Vision for Milwaukee

By Leia Ferrari, Talent Placement Manager at i.c.stars |* Milwaukee


Ready to start a new chapter with a career in the tech sector?

Are you tired of your current job? Do you feel so comfortable with technology that you want to make your favorite apps better or different in some way? Ready to start a new chapter with a career in the tech sector? Welcome to i.c.stars |* Milwaukee. We envision a world filled with more makers, and fewer consumers. You have the power to create your favorite website or app. All you need are the skills to do it – that’s where i.c.stars comes in. We offer training in key areas of Business, Leadership & Technology to help you break into a new industry. Our 4-month project-based internship equips people with key technology skills and provides countless opportunities to connect with other professionals and become an agent of change through leadership.

Are you eligible?

You don’t need a background in technology or even a college degree to apply for the internship at i.c.stars. Basic eligibility requirements are:

• High school diploma or GED
• 6 months of full-time work experience
• This is a need-based program, so you must qualify for our income guidelines
• Available for a rigorous full-time schedule during the 4-month internship
• Commitment to punctuality
• Our attendance policy is that interns are on time for all meetings and deadlines. No absences, no exceptions.

What are you signing up for?
The project-based component of the program introduces interns to a real-world client who has a business problem they need help solving. i.c.stars interns will solve the problem using technology. Interns are exposed to a lot of material in a short period of time and it is their responsibility to apply it to their project-based work. For example, our core technology training covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SQL. We encourage people who are thinking of applying to start increasing their typing speed and accuracy, maybe even take a coding course on Khan Academy. When you are part of the i.c.stars program, you build your network while getting to know other people with similar goals. Daily meetings with local leaders allow our intern’s networks to expand in powerful ways. Throughout the 4-month internship, interns also form close bonds with each other.

Did you know that you are 95% more likely to complete a goal if you have ongoing meetings (like the structure of the internship at i.c.stars) with a group of accountability partners?

Why does i.c.stars do this work?
Our organization’s goal is for Milwaukee to be filled with more diverse, emotionally intelligent technology professionals who see themselves as leaders – regardless of their job titles – because they know they have a bright future ahead of them. i.c.stars opened its doors in Milwaukee in 2018 and we are proud that our growing alumni network continues to give back to their communities while advancing in their careers. To learn more about our program and apply for the next intern cohort, visit our website.

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