MKE Tech Hub Coalition

The MKE Tech Hub Coalition’s mission is to double the tech talent in the Milwaukee region to drive regional economic success, foster new opportunities in tech, and meet Employers’ growing need for skilled tech talent that is representative of the community.

We convene employers, non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs, educators and community members around a set of common goals. For example:

  1. To inspire workers with diverse backgrounds to take an interest in tech, gain confidence they will be valued in the #mketech ecosystem, and pursue the opportunities available to acquire high demand skills to prepare for employment.
  2. To help students in the greater MKE region understand their potential to contribute to the #mketech ecosystem to increase retention of graduates with diverse backgrounds interested in working in tech related fields.

We are excited to join forces with such great partners to support the ReSkill MKE campaign. We are hopeful that you find help and/or inspiration by reading the content provided and encourage you to visit our website at to learn a little bit more about us as an organization and subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

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