You are Invited to Reskill and Restart for FREE!

By Raja Sobhan, Infosys

These challenging times have significantly disrupted almost every industry.  This has accelerated a decline in the volume of traditional jobs and accentuated a growing need for knowledge workers who can rapidly adapt to remote learning and working.

A consortium of partners including Infosys, Pymetrics, Merit America, Per Scholas, Revature and Woz U has come together to tackle this challenge and get America back to work.

Reskill and Restart is a free, online platform that provides a guided journey that begins with aptitude and skills assessment, followed by curated job-specific skills training, and culminates in matching people with roles that land them in careers in tech., non-tech. and support functions.

Reskill and Restart is powered by Infosys Wingspan digital learning platform, integrated with pymetrics behavioral science and audited AI technology to spot the radical reskilling needs of available talent. The platform also offers guided training in technology and other career-based programs designed to get people, including those without Bachelor’s Degrees, into the workforce.

If you want to pursue your first, or next, tech role …. Now is the time to Reskill and Restart.   Register today and start exploring the next step in your career journey.

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