Help Us Build Your IT Talent Pipeline

Jose Galvan, Business Services Manager, Employ Milwaukee

Finding skilled and motivated employees can be challenging. However, employers who have collaborated with Milwaukee area’s Tech Hire programs have been able to fulfill a wide range of IT hiring needs with newly skilled and reskilled information technology candidates. Employers looking for IT talent have found great success by participating in IT focused hiring events, assisting with professional development of participants (interviewing, workplace readiness, workshops, etc.), as well as hosting IT interns. Additionally, Tech Hire and similar training programs allow employers to potentially receive on the job training funds (OJT’s) to help subsidize some of the costs associated with additional new hire training.

Employers interested in learning more or wanting to collaborate to increase their pipeline of technology talent should contact:
– Employ Milwaukee (Milwaukee) – Carrie Diener:
– Forward Careers (Waukesha) – Debbie Bartmann:
– Southeastern Works (Racine) – Holly Haigh:

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