Resources Available to Jump Start a Career in IT

Toni White, Director of Programs, Employ Milwaukee

In a world that is increasingly utilizing technology to innovate products, improve business and keep people connected, information technology careers remain in high demand. The IT industry offers a diverse range of opportunities that provide family sustaining wages. Individuals with an interest in computers and an aptitude for technology should consider reskilling to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in an IT career. Tech Hire provides job seekers the opportunity to get the training and credentials needed to start a rewarding career in Information Technology.

If you have a strong interest in technology and are looking for a new career in information technology contact:
• Tech Hire/Employ Milwaukee – Tony Thoummavong: or 414-507-8360
• Tech Hire/Forward Careers – Kathy Wolfe: or 262-695-7880
• Tech Hire/UMOS – 414-389-6000

Success Story: Ashley S. is a graduate of Employ Milwaukee’s TechHire 16-week cohort for IT Service Technicians. Before joining the IT boot camp, Ashley spent most of her career in hospitality and administration. Ashley had a deep desire to get into IT and did not know how to make the transition. Through the collaboration between MATC, DWD, and Employ Milwaukee, Ashley was able to obtain all the skills needed for her new career! Upon graduating, Ashley started full-time as a Computer Service Technician. Her manager has given her raving reviews, and the company has also decided to cover part of the school costs so she can continue her education!

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