Why Upskill Your Employees With UW-Milwaukee’s TechEd Frontiers?

Kevin O’ Connor

UW-Milwaukee’s TechEd Frontiers is an innovative online talent development platform that enables individuals in the workplace to learn new skills and advance their careers. TechEd Frontiers offers on-demand learning pathways that focus on the skills employers need most.

TechEd Frontiers allows your company to grow its workforce from within. Talent is an organization’s most valuable resource, but it can be challenging to find the right talent to fill critical, high-demand positions in your organization. TechEd Frontiers means you can invest in upskilling current employees to improve both employee retention and the expertise and skills available to your organization.

Grounded in learning science, TechEd Frontiers offers customized corporate training in a self- paced, competency-based online format. It includes proactive coaching from a world-class accredited higher education institution, providing a bridge to credit through stackable credentials with a rigorous commitment to demonstratable learning gains and measurable impacts on your organization.

UWM is able to leverage its expertise in online education in making TechEd Frontiers a premiere offering. Offering more than 850 online courses, UWM has the largest online education program in Wisconsin. UWM’s online students benefit from the same expert faculty and academic staff, and the resources of a top-tier research university, as our traditional on- campus UWM students. UWM understands how successful online learning works and the rigorous curriculum and learning experience that has been created for professionals reflects UWM’s commitment to successful online education.

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